Director/Co-Writer: Michael Bonomo
Story By/Co-Writer: Dave Grant
Producer: Ann Nguyen
Cinematographer: Noel Maitland
Composer: Kristen Baum
Sound Designer: Joe Iemola
Make Up Effects: Amber Skowronski
Sound Engineer: Tyler McDonald

Bill Oberst Jr…..Nathan
David Pesta……..Christopher Collins
Andre Tenerelli….Detective Berger/Simon Orano
Dove Benari……..Tommy Collins
Katie Molinaro…..Erin

Synopsis: Life changed for Chris that Thursday evening. The brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend has left him shaken. More than that, he is haunted by the face of a man he doesn’t know, just a stranger Chris saw walking down the street moments before he opened the door to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. Moments before a large part of his world came crashing down.

And it is not about to get better.

Only a week later, Chris finds himself faced with yet another stranger, a man who claims to know who his ex-girlfriend’s killer is. The stranger’s name is Simon and the explanation he gives to Chris makes his blood run cold. The man who murdered his ex-girlfriend is an extremely dangerous man, a contract killer, and the fact that Chris has seen his face can only mean one thing: he will be coming back around to make sure Chris doesn’t share what he knows.

He will be coming soon to kill him.

Simon, a bounty hunter who has been tracking the mysterious killer for nearly a decade, has a plan. As he has never laid eyes on the killer, Simon will lure him out into the open so that Chris can identify him. Then he will take him down. But Simon might not be as helpful as he appears to be and Chris quickly finds himself becoming a pawn in a very deadly game of retribution between two savage men willing to do whatever it takes to see the other man dead.

Shooting dates: Assassins will be shot in August 2012.

© 2012 Michael Bonomo. All rights reserved.