Written, Directed, Edited & Shot By: Michael Bonomo
Produced By: Kyle Klein
Music By: Kristen Baum
Lighting By: Matt Dinan
Sound Design By: Joe Iemola
Starring: John Bonavia and Sara Drust

Official Selection: Silicon Valley Film Festival 2011
Official Selection: Anchorage Int’l Film Festival 2011
Short Film Finalist: Back in the Box Competition 2011
Award of Excellence: SkyFest 2011

About: Echo was an interesting idea from the start. In fact, what you’re seeing on the screen is not what was written in the first few drafts at all. The very first draft had the man killing himself to be with his wife. The second had him stopping in front of the tree that they had crashed into a year early (as was shown in the flashbacks). The third was supposed to imply that life had moved on, and so should the man, by having the actual tree cut down and him realizing everything from before was over. It was time to start anew.

The best part? What you’re seeing is something that came out of mistakes made that day. We were rushing not to get in trouble with any officers at Griffith Park and we couldn’t get what we needed to make the ending work. It fell on me, dragging my buddy Kyle, back to the park and using him as the man’s legs to imply a completely different ending, which I leave to the viewer’s discretion.

Echo was shot over a week and truly pushed me to try new things when shots didn’t work as they were supposed to, or, on the first day, when the entire SD card wiped itself and we lost the whole days shoot. That was a good time. But, we stuck with it, and here it is, for everyone to enjoy.

© 2012 Michael Bonomo. All rights reserved.