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I’m going to interrupt my regularly scheduled Assassins based posts (some that can be seen here, here, and here), to bring you a current situation I’m knee deep in. While I have plenty of other things to do (finishing Assassins, completing the rewrite of my next story, etc), I’ve been putting together a small project that kicked around in my head for a while. What I’ve got brewing is an untitled short film that has the potential to be a lot of fun to create. Potentially.

This is going to become an apartment. Promise.

Part of the reason why I’m pushing forward on this project is the sense of Assassins almost being completed and not having truly flexed my creative muscle in a while (almost two years if one were to go by my writing/directing credits, or almost a year since I directed the first season of my friend’s web series, Restrung - season 2 is in pre-production). I’ve been wanting to get back on the saddle for a while, but it always seemed like something else was getting in the way, or I couldn’t write out what I saw in my head, or I was just writing crap. So, here I am, finally in the final days before my next directing gig, and how do I feel?


Nervous as hell.

Figures that my first trip back into creating something from scratch would be a silent short film. I shouldn’t really freak out, as the short that got me the most attention was a silent film (Unsaid for those who haven’t seen it). It even won an award. I know, I know. How? :P

Anyway, I’m not going to go into details about what the short film is about. I spent most of the afternoon working with our Set Designer, Josh (who’s awesome, and everyone should hire him), as we went out scouring thrift shops and Home Depot for set design and creation supplies. Saturday we’ll, and be WE I mean, Josh, will turn the supplies into an apartment for the shoot on Sunday.

If I start rambling I’ll give away the short, and I’d like to leave a slight air of mystery, because I can’t seem to do that with anything else I’m working on. So, for now I’ll just let you know I promise I’ll keep you all updated as we head in to the weekend.

To all my creative friends, what are you working on, and how are you feeling about your creations?

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