What’s in a Story? One of many…


I’ve seen countless blogs talking about good writing, solid stories, and what makes a book worth reading. All of them offer good advice and I share as hell have learned a lot from all of them. One thing I haven’t seen, and I’m sure it’s been done, I’ve just missed when someone posts it, is [...]

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The Script: Not as Simple as Originally Thought…


You can’t make a film without a script (well, you could, but unless you were a genius it would probably suck). This has been the driving force for the medium since the very beginning. Without a great story, interesting characters, arcs and all that good stuff, the chances of creating something worthwhile are almost nil. [...]

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Weird how that works out.

I was recently reading a blog from my friends over at White Swan Films in regards to watching all sorts of films and shows, from remake to original and even spinoffs, and how each varies. In a completely unconnected series of synapse firings in my brain, somehow jumped to several projects I’m kicking around as [...]

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