Written, Directed and Edited By: Michael Bonomo
Produced By: Kyle Klein
Cinematography By: Noel Maitland
Score Composed By: Kristen Baum
Make-Up By: Satine Phoenix
Starring: Elizabeth Godley and Michael Bonomo

Most Original ‘Shortest’: Columbia Gorge Int’l Film Festival 2011

About: Unsaid was a unique short for me. It was a little story, that floated in my head, but I’d never written down. It was the first time I’d worked with my current cinematographer. And, it was the first time we’d filmed in someplace other than a friend’s house or apartment. That, and it was shot the same week of Never Again, and of the two, this was the only one I was supposed to actually be in. It brought up a new set of challenges. Namely, sleep deprivation.

Unsaid was shot over a single night, starting in the early evening, the team squeezed into my tiny apartment (at the time) and we filmed the make-up sequences where the audience sees Elizabeth’s character getting ready for the night ahead. We all then caravanned over to the Gelato Bar (which is an awesome place to get a coffee if you’re in the area) and proceded to shoot the sequence between myself and Elizabeth for almost three hours. During that time, we did no less than eight setups and shot that single moment a slew of times (of which I only used two quick medium shots and the single take from across the street). After that, it was getting late and we knew we still needed the driving shots and the shots of my character returning to the apartment. Finding ourselves in downtown LA at two in the morning, we grabbed the tunnel shot and the driving shots as fast as we could. By the time we shot the smoking sequence and the closing sequence it was around three thirty in the morning and I think only Noel was still awake at that point. We managed to wrap up before four AM.

I’d also like to say that I do not smoke, so I didn’t feel so well after that scene.

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