Uriah – Move

Performer: Uriah
Director and Editor: Michael Bonomo
Producer and Cinematographer: Ann Nguyen
Gaffer: Andrew Jorgenson
PA: Jacob Clayton

Uriah Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uriahmusic

About: For a long time I’d wanted to do a music video, and I’d spread the word to everyone I knew. One of my friends put me in touch with a local metal band called, Uriah. I got in touch with them, but we found that our schedules repeatedly conflicted for over a year. Finally, we sat down and hammered out some details, locked in a date and were moving forward.

I wish I had some insane story from set, but everything went pretty smoothly. We found an awesome warehouse location that had exactly the look I’d been seeking. Our team came together without many hiccups. And, of course, the band performed, as they are expected to do.

This entire video was shot over the course of a single day, totaling around seven hours. We ran through the song dozens of times, covering the band from as many angles as we could possibly snag during the production. This of course, was a curse and a blessing. We had a ton of great footage to work with and therefore, editing took a lot longer than we’d hoped. After several rough cuts, and an afternoon sitting down with the band’s singer and guitarist, we hammered out the cut that you see above.

© 2012 Michael Bonomo. All rights reserved.