Weird how that works out.

I was recently reading a blog from my friends over at White Swan Films in regards to watching all sorts of films and shows, from remake to original and even spinoffs, and how each varies. In a completely unconnected series of synapse firings in my brain, somehow jumped to several projects I’m kicking around as we head into the home stretch on Assassins prior to the first round of festival submissions. I’m finding, more and more, that the deeper I focus on a story/scene/project, the less I can actually get done on that particular item. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not getting work done. It just means it doesn’t happen the way I’d like it to.

Let me start at the beginning. I’ve just completed my first short story (was submitted to Kindle today – so excited). A second story is being rewritten, and with NaNowrite only days away, I was freaking out because I didn’t have another story to work on over the month of November. I know it’s a stupid excuse, because, honestly I should be writing all the time, but I’m using NaNowrite to get back to a schedule. On top of that, I’ve been in talks with an indie musician who records all his own instruments to create pretty fantastic instrumental metal (djent would be the best way to classify his style) about doing a ‘music video’ where we both collaborated each step of the way. This means creating the video and music simultaneously to bring the project together.

My focus on forcing the story for NaNowrite was worrisome. No matter how I played it, the story maintained the same, generic follow-through, I didn’t want to put to the page. It was depressing and I found myself considering skipping over the whole deal just to save myself the headache of writing something I didn’t like. I started playing it out in a bunch of ridiculous ways and, just like that, another idea I’d had even earlier popped into my head. I’d long since forgotten about a short film I’d written long before I would even get my hands on a camera. But, there it was. The whole thing. It was almost like I’d just written it yesterday. Of course, it was way too short, but when I added a beginning and expanded the center meat of the story, I found myself with another short story I would be happy to release to the public. It’s always such an amazing thing when things just fall into place.

Not everything has such a simple, and positive place. The music collaboration has been a whole other can of worms. Where it would be simple as hell to just write a short, shoot it, edit it and hand it off to my friend to write music to it, that would defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. We want to come at this project from both angles at the same time. As such, every idea I’ve had doesn’t lend itself to what we’re working towards. In the meantime, I’ve contacted a few bands about doing straight music videos to songs they already have, and the reception has been positive. If any other bands in the LA area are looking for a small music video, or outside the area that are okay with narrative based music videos, contact me through this site.

Anyone, in my ranting way, I’ve come back around so you can see exactly how something that had very little to do with my thought process, suddenly caused an explosion of random creativity in a direction I had no idea I was going. There’s always something that triggers creative people to move forward in their endeavors, and you’ll never know what it is until it happens.

For now, I’m heading back to Amazon to spend the next 12 hours refreshing the page until my book goes live. :D

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